The Better-Bladder

FDA Cleared for ECMO Use*

The Better-Bladder™ (BB) is an inline reservoir that provides compliance and allows noninvasive pressure measurements (e.g., during vacuum augmented venous draiange).

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The BB is a length of standard perfusion tubing with a thin walled, sausage shaped balloon sealed within a clear, rigid housing. The pressure of the blood flowing inside the tubing is transmitted across the thin wall of the balloon to the chamber formed by the housing and then via a pressure port to a pressure transducer.

A major advantage of the BB is that the measured pressure can be used as the input signal to a pump controller to stop or decrease pump speed at a pressure chosen by the user.  Another advantage of the BB over other bladders is that it can be placed near the patient instead of on the floor, if the pressure set to stop/slow the pump is negative (e.g., -50 mmHg).

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*FDA Clears Better-Bladder For Long Term Use